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machine girl vs machine girlMACHINE GIRL VS MACHINE GIRL


"Oh what what the heck this isn't a punk songs at all, what dumb webpage am i looking at?" is maybe what you're saying. Idk i'm not your boss. Honestly i don't usually fuck with this kinda electronic drum and bass stuff at all, but wow i think this album is pretty good just quietly. Everyone seems transfixed on his two big albums which are ...BECAUSE IM YOUNG ARROGANT AND HATE EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR and WLFGRL+, but look i dunno, i feel like he used a bit more restraint on this record so it's not as OMG HARD GABBA GO GO GO constantly, and despite MACHINE GIRL VS MACHINE GIRL being a high energy album, it doesn't feel as mentally taxing to have on. But again, look, i don't know anything about the genre and I'm being a total poser right now. To be totally honest i gave it a listen because i'm in love with the cover art from Marvel vs Capcom 1. It's great, listening to the album reminds me of when i used to play that shit all the time on xbox, and those are times i miss dearly. Getting yourself a copy does set you back $4, but you're getting yourself 20min of some decent techno shit. Check out his bandcamp if you're not familiar with his work, you might just fall in love with one of his more popular albums, or the ridiculously cool Jet Set Radio or Phantasy Star Online remix albums he's made over the years. All super good stuff.

here's the bandcamp link

my lame ass when this pops up on my iPod classic