Fast Death Music


we have to do everything in our power to stop this rising third wave of ska music. it seems like an insummountable task and picking up traction, but we can do it if we band together


i really feel fucking terrible today. i slept all of like 5 hours last night after waking up with migraines behind my eyes so bad i almost wanted to remove them. i passed out fora bit, woke up and started hallucinating :(
i kept waking up and ended up in so much pain i felt physically sick. i nearly projectile vomited, but stopped at the last second and tore part of my esophagus which was excruciating. i then started puking blood from it lmao :^)
anyway, second Glue Eater prac ever is in a couple of days so i wonder how well i'll hold up/if i can keep the blood in doing a yell.
sidebar, this is also the first day i started building this site. it's surprisingly kinda hard trying to make decent content in this state. sorry if it's terrible for now.