Fast Death Music



Alright so here's the friggen scoop okay? These guys are just too fucking good. All of their songs from all of the albums are gold. All of them. I gotta say that this has gotta be my favorite though, Hangin At Caltex has been my anthem for years now. Figuratively and literally. When i've been active on tinder, it was my theme on there too. Just have a geez at this shit i posted below.

I don't know about you guys, but i both hang out, and purchase various goods from service stations pretty damn often. My friends do the same. When i'm hanging out with bands from overseas they do the same too. I used to live near a 7/11 a couple of years ago and my best bud and I would just fucking live there. Something going wrong in life? Go Servo. Something really wrong? Go fucking servo ya dog. Smoked too much weed and seeing life in slow motion and 2D? You guessed it. Servo time.

Anyway, pointless rant aside, not only are these guys cool as hell, but on the ocassions i've met them, they've been super rad, funny and friendly too. Okay i'll shut up now. what i'm trying to get at is great tunes, legitimately great dudes

blarf heres bandcamp

casette also lmao sucked in, their tapes are already gone, but you better believe i got one already. i shoulda got it signed last time they were in town. fuck.