Fast Death Music

bangers vs fuckersBangers Vs. Fuckers

By Coachwhips

Damn dude, you ever heard of Oh Sees before? Yeah that's pretty cool and all, but imagine getting their frontman John Dwyer, a couple of his friends, a rehearsal space and like $300 of speed for a weekend, that's Coachwhips in a nutshell. At it's surface, it seems like really basic music that's easily written, just like throw 3-4 guitar chords together, have a 4/4 beat and maybe a bit of synth on top while yelling through the worst microphone available.

Anyone who's tried to immitate Coachwhips' style (there's a lot of them lel) knows it's a bit harder than just that, and john brings incredible, drug fueled energy to the mix to push what should be a well-overdone sound by now. The sound quality on all of their albums fucking sucks, which kinda fits the motif i guess, but damn, do these guys know how to write a catchy tune.

Also this one time i had the album art as my phone wallpaper, this weird drunk itallian lady was hitting me on the tram after my shitty job at like 1am, i got her number, she saw my phone background, asked if i was Vegan (i'm not) and she never texted back. :^)

oh yeah, i haven't posted a track not on an album i was talking about before, but despite not being my cup of tea usually, they wrote this super gorgeous slower paced track this one time i'm in love with

> like 10yrs after they stopped playing, they made a bandcamp finally right here <

drug<"cop"i do not condone doing a drug. not even once because i know the police